Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Singapore Dreaming Review

Brief Summary - Spoilers below!!! But some details are purposely ommited due to various reasons :p

The story starts off with a hokkien song and the Ma just returned home after buying
lots to things at the various markets(coz its cheaper) in order to celebrate her son's return from studying abroad in the States. The girlfriend of the son lives in her boyfriend's house and loves to take pictures of daily life.

The show introduces you to the various Characters early in the movie. You get to see
the standard housewife Ma, the ever loving girlfriend who's always there to help, the
middle class earner Pa who managed to send his son overseas, the daughter Mei,
secretary of a Urban Development Company, her husband CK whose having trouble at his new job (selling insurance) and the graduate Ah Seng.

While the family eats their steamboat, they talked about some issues like Ah Seng
getting a job, life, blah and the mood was actually rather tense. After that, Pa asked Ah Seng to pick him some TOTO numbers and this arc ends with Ah Seng and his girlfriend sleeping and Ah Seng refusing to talk about his university life.

The next day, Ah Seng had a bad job interview. Apparently, he studied in Idaho
Polytechnical University but noone had ever heard of it. CK had trouble selling insurance to people and all the old classmates he called knew once he had to state his purpose.

Then his father won TOTO 1st prize of S$2million. Pa treated everyone to restaurant
and gave his wife a pair of pearl earrings, his son a credit card and after his son
suggests to start his own business, he gave him his support.

Ah Seng, flush with money from his father, first used the credit card to buy a car. BUT, he was caught by his girlfriend and mum as he was about to enter the car... ... He said to become successful, you have to act as if you're one... and asked for support from his girlfriend...

Now, on this day, Pa was set to go to a certain "Elite Country Club". He was extremely excited and dressed in ultra formal wear. Upon reaching the club "few hours early", he took a stroll around the club and was so happy that he had made it - the Singapore Standard of having "made it", the 5C's... However, he was not fated to enjoy good life......

The show starts slow but climaxed at the Pa's death. I liked the realness of the funeral details and the actor's own personal mental breakdown and emo. It showcased some old Chinese stereotype where Boys are favoured over Girls, which holds true for most of the older generation. At the end, the Ma had a great Character growth while the son remains a useless person.

Story: 3.5/5
Emo: 4/5
Overall: 3.5/5
Nice story worth the money, but not a must watch.

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