Tuesday, September 05, 2006

An Aging Global Human Population

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Elderly Boom, Baby Gloom - Japanese Firm adapts to older workers
Europe faces demographic crunch amid low birth rates

This is it. Human population has reached a climax and unless drastic measures are taken, the Global population will start to decrease soon. Countries are struggling with heavy pensions, less working population, reduced tax incomes, reduced productivity, etc. The World economy will suffer in time from less profits, less consumer base...... In short, less money. So in order to keep the monies flowing, they need the population to ever keep increasing. But is it possible? When the Earth's resources is limited?

I propose that we should let the human population decrease until a more sustainable level, say around 1-2 billion. Doing so will hurt the human economies and "pride", but it will save the Earth from an untimely death.

By reducing the human population, the Earth will be given a chance to recover from years of exploitation by humans.

Example: Chernobyl
Quoted from National Geographic April 2006 Issue Page 50-51

Away from ground zero, wildlife has reclaimed the hundreds of square mile of abandoned land in the exclusion zone. More than a hundred wolves prowl the forest, endangered black storks and white - tailed eagles nest in the marshes, and several doze Przewalski, a rare breed that went extinct years ago, are thriving here after being released here in 1998. Pines are even reclaiming the Red Forest, through patches of radioactivity have left stunted or deformed, with unnaturally short or long needles and clusters of buds where there would be just one. This radiation - warped forest is an anomaly. On the whole, ecologists have marvelled at how resilent nature has proved to be in the face of radiological adversity.

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