Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sian 1/2

1. Bought a 250GB External HDD yesterday
2. Assembled and formatted at the shop
3. Reach home turn on, and cannot work... ...
4. Now must watse time going back to the shop see what's wrong and whether can exchange anot...

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Oil Prices falls below U$60

So, will there be more fare hikes after this?

---Me ask PTC---

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Fall of Thaksin

This week has been a rather chaotic week for Thailand and the rest of the World. We saw the military under General Sonthi Boonyaragtlin overthrowing Mr Thaksin and placing Thailand under military control.

No doubt many opposition parties had alledged in the past that Mr Thaksin was corrupt or favours his cronies, but his pro-farmer policies had the support of many people in Northern Thailand, where rice is the main produce.

I think the bubble was burst when Thaksin sold Shin Corp to Temasek. He sold a "National Asset" to a foreign company which as links to a foreign government (Singapore), and did not have to pay a single cent of tax to the country despite the size of the transaction. It led to the people boycotting Shin Corp, a call to investigate Temasek's intentions, and ultimately the boycotting of the whole General Elections in Thailand, leading to a landslide victory for the Thai Rak Thai Party. The independent commitee has since ruled the election as unconstitutional and called for new elections.

Thus, the buying of Shin Corp served as a catalyst for stroking the flames and indirectly led to his ouster.

In future, we should think of all possible implications of any investment, not just restricted to economic factors but including political and national sentiment of the people.

Side note: Do read this article

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Kanon Animation Comparison

A animation comparison between the original by Toei Animation and Kyoto Animation
The order is Kyoto Animation Followed by the Original Toei Animation for each screenshot.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Singapore Dreaming Review

Brief Summary - Spoilers below!!! But some details are purposely ommited due to various reasons :p

The story starts off with a hokkien song and the Ma just returned home after buying
lots to things at the various markets(coz its cheaper) in order to celebrate her son's return from studying abroad in the States. The girlfriend of the son lives in her boyfriend's house and loves to take pictures of daily life.

The show introduces you to the various Characters early in the movie. You get to see
the standard housewife Ma, the ever loving girlfriend who's always there to help, the
middle class earner Pa who managed to send his son overseas, the daughter Mei,
secretary of a Urban Development Company, her husband CK whose having trouble at his new job (selling insurance) and the graduate Ah Seng.

While the family eats their steamboat, they talked about some issues like Ah Seng
getting a job, life, blah and the mood was actually rather tense. After that, Pa asked Ah Seng to pick him some TOTO numbers and this arc ends with Ah Seng and his girlfriend sleeping and Ah Seng refusing to talk about his university life.

The next day, Ah Seng had a bad job interview. Apparently, he studied in Idaho
Polytechnical University but noone had ever heard of it. CK had trouble selling insurance to people and all the old classmates he called knew once he had to state his purpose.

Then his father won TOTO 1st prize of S$2million. Pa treated everyone to restaurant
and gave his wife a pair of pearl earrings, his son a credit card and after his son
suggests to start his own business, he gave him his support.

Ah Seng, flush with money from his father, first used the credit card to buy a car. BUT, he was caught by his girlfriend and mum as he was about to enter the car... ... He said to become successful, you have to act as if you're one... and asked for support from his girlfriend...

Now, on this day, Pa was set to go to a certain "Elite Country Club". He was extremely excited and dressed in ultra formal wear. Upon reaching the club "few hours early", he took a stroll around the club and was so happy that he had made it - the Singapore Standard of having "made it", the 5C's... However, he was not fated to enjoy good life......

The show starts slow but climaxed at the Pa's death. I liked the realness of the funeral details and the actor's own personal mental breakdown and emo. It showcased some old Chinese stereotype where Boys are favoured over Girls, which holds true for most of the older generation. At the end, the Ma had a great Character growth while the son remains a useless person.

Story: 3.5/5
Emo: 4/5
Overall: 3.5/5
Nice story worth the money, but not a must watch.

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Singapore scores high on Governance - Or not?

The article said that Singapore had performed well in over 5 catogories, but convienently forgot to mention our falling ratings in the Political Stability and Accountability areas.

Political Stability is the lowest since 1996, looking at the figures provided by the Sunday Times. At 84%, it is considerably lower than the average of the figures (535.9/6=89.3).

I belive MM's age is factored in the report. Singapore became the modern Nation it is today largely due to MM Lee and his ministers. However, most of these ministers are either dead or have retired, except for MM Lee. And MM Lee is already in his 80's. Although he is still fit and in the pink of health, the fact is that he is old, if after his death, the winds
may change and throughout history stability is compromised by changes. (No offence intended. If anyone find it offensive tell me and i'll remove it)

Another point not elaborated by the MSM is that accountablity fell to a unprecented level of 38.2%, much lower than the average of the figures (289.4/6=48.2) I think that some factors caused these low marks.

1. Treatment of CSJ. Even though he is treated like an alien in Singapore by most people and the PAP, CSJ seems to have gathered the attention of major foreign media such as the Reporters without Borders which had rated our government a lowly 140th in press freedom. And if you believe what the Singapore Democrats had placed on their website, they were denied a trial. Here Plus yesterday (Saturday 17 September 2006), CSJ had organised a "public protest", but once they reached their destination [Hong Lim Park], they were barricaded by the police and prevented from doing anything. All in the face of the foreign media.

2. Millions Dollar salaries vs 0. Yawning Bread has an article. Here As you can see, the 1st decile has virtually no income at all for the whole year while the richest 10th decile saw their incomes rise to $16480. The Minister's was and is a source of discomfort for many, and the explanation used for justifying was that they could have been paid more in the corporate World for such abilities. So is serving your country is deemed less important as compared to earning top-notched salaries?

3. Double Standards. Why is it that we cannot protest in Singapore while foreigners are allowed to?

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Friday, September 15, 2006

More ハルヒ!

I'm going dizzy looking at 3 Haruhi. ~drools~

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Monday, September 11, 2006

911 5 Years Later

On September 11, 2001, the World's only Superpower, the United States of America was attacked by terrorists and the World Trade Center fell, causing thousands of deaths and a call for revenge against the terrorists.

5 years on, we are getting mixed results and feelings about this "War on Terrorism".

From World support for the invasion of Afghanistan to wipe out the Taleban, to today where the U.S struggle with Iraq, Iran and North Korea. It seems like "peace" is now further from the World than ever.

Various Problems that US is facing now:
1. Afghanistan becoming poppy state
2. Iraq is not terror free yet
3. Iran now unwilling to stop nuclearisation
4. N.Korea wants nukes for "detterence" from "imperial" US
5. Israel's shaky peace
6. Taiwan: To "help" or not?
7. Deficit $$$
8. Reduced support from citizens and foreign Governments

No doubt the war was started with good intentions, but now, it seems like a mess. Lets hope these gets solved soon, or more blood will be shed.

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Kanon Remake Prelude

Without further ado, I present the preview of this Kanon Remake by Kyoto Animation.

I've never seen the original Kanon before, so this show is a definite must watch for me, since it was supposed to be one of the great hits by Kyoto Animation. Anyway, KyoAni = Superior Graphics + Strong Storyline = WIN.

Series by KyoAni that I've watched so far...(sad I'm technically an Anime Newbie... u_u, but KyoAni doesn't produce that much Anime each year)
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
Kiddy Grade (Involved)
Inuyasha (Involved)

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Thursday, September 07, 2006


Scan I found on SOS-Dan. Liked it alot so did some simple resizing and erased some words, added borders to fit a 1280x800 screen. Thought I should spread the love of Haruhi-sama so I posted this wallpaper for everyone.

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

An Aging Global Human Population

Straits Times Headlines> East Asia> Page 6

Elderly Boom, Baby Gloom - Japanese Firm adapts to older workers
Europe faces demographic crunch amid low birth rates

This is it. Human population has reached a climax and unless drastic measures are taken, the Global population will start to decrease soon. Countries are struggling with heavy pensions, less working population, reduced tax incomes, reduced productivity, etc. The World economy will suffer in time from less profits, less consumer base...... In short, less money. So in order to keep the monies flowing, they need the population to ever keep increasing. But is it possible? When the Earth's resources is limited?

I propose that we should let the human population decrease until a more sustainable level, say around 1-2 billion. Doing so will hurt the human economies and "pride", but it will save the Earth from an untimely death.

By reducing the human population, the Earth will be given a chance to recover from years of exploitation by humans.

Example: Chernobyl
Quoted from National Geographic April 2006 Issue Page 50-51

Away from ground zero, wildlife has reclaimed the hundreds of square mile of abandoned land in the exclusion zone. More than a hundred wolves prowl the forest, endangered black storks and white - tailed eagles nest in the marshes, and several doze Przewalski, a rare breed that went extinct years ago, are thriving here after being released here in 1998. Pines are even reclaiming the Red Forest, through patches of radioactivity have left stunted or deformed, with unnaturally short or long needles and clusters of buds where there would be just one. This radiation - warped forest is an anomaly. On the whole, ecologists have marvelled at how resilent nature has proved to be in the face of radiological adversity.

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sunday Times today - A Cynic's Jab at the Headlines

Masterplan to improve lives of disabled - A First World country and we are only starting this now?

Videoclips of NSmen clowning around; It's not funny, says Mindef - Maybe the gunfight one is abit overboard but the NDP parody seems ok, judging from the pictures.

Just 23, he runs 5 computer stores - Now this is the example our PM could have used at the NDR 2006 as an example of how foreigners can help the local industries by creating jobs.

Doc likes S'pores strong government - ... we're admiring the British system and here a former British citizen prefers the Singapore system. Seems like a case of "greener pastures overseas"

Chinese syllabus revamp shows positive results, says Tharman - I hope I'll hear my younger cousins saying they love Chinese instead of saying it is b o r i n g, but sadly this isn't happening.

MM Lee: Retain Mandarin-speaking environment here - What does Mandarin mean to Singapore, answer me. Is it for better business opportunities with the rising China?

Singapore must be vigilant during IMF/ World Bank meet - True to some extent, but it probably won't affect me anyway. Why go to the bloody Suntec City during such a time? To "Welcome the delegates with a Smile?"

MINISTER BLOGGER - He's just a contributor and doesn't even keep his own blog, yet the MSM made a big fuss out of it. It is a good trend though, through interactions with the online community, the online community can reach the top brass more easily.

Vivian: PAP must engage young or lose a generation - Well said.

Surf for free this month at 5 malls in Suntec area - ... It was set to coincide with the IMF meetings......maybe to show the foreigners that Singapore is a telecommunications hub? Remember that the PAP promised us this election to enable wireless surfing all over Singapore? I sincerely hope this continues after the IMF show is over, because free internet will sure be good for everyone.

STOMP section:
Singapore's Hottest Teachers - #*%^) They worte 900,000 votes were casted...... I'll teach you a way to vote repeatedly.
1) Vote in a poll
2) Flush your cookies
3) Re-do

To proof what I said was true, read second column. Excerpt:
Pok Yen confessed to clicking "a few thousand times" and also badgering his friends to vote for her.

The credibility of STOMP is crushed. (Even though nearly NO serious political bloggers will touch this website in the first place. Note: I'm not a political blogger......not partisan player in politics......and I don't visit STOMP)

Is EQ lacking among youths? -
1) Ask any student whether Civics and Moral is actually taught in school.
2) Ask whether they actually listen to Civics and Moral lessons if taught.
It will give you a more than good enough answer to the company who's trying to employ Singaporeans to work.

A-HA, SO THIS IS ART - One person's art might be another person's poison. Look at the trees with polka dots. They may say it looks good, but to me it looks like the red poisonous mushroom.(can't remember the name) So it's really very objective.

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