Sunday, August 27, 2006

Saturday 26 August 2006

An ordinary night at Hougang Mall, until ... ...

As my mum and I were walking out of HG to the coffeshop to drink some tea, an Indian woman approached us. (Actually, anyone near her)

Situation: Near Hougang Mall at the coffeeshop (8:20pm - 8:30pm)
Cast: All passing people
All eating people
Coffeeshop uncle
Satay uncle
Indian Woman (Better dressed than most bystanders. Carrying some "Classy" handbag and wearing GOLD)

Indian Woman: $2! You got $2?!

Most people around her: ?! WTF expression on their face......
" I'm sorry, but I don't have the money"

We went to drink some tea. After a few miniutes, she returned to solicit from me.

Indian Woman: You got $2?

Mum: Just ignore her......

We stared in silence......

Indian Woman: $1.20 also can!

Me: Why do you need $1.20?

Indian Woman: I'm thirsty and I want to buy a drink.

Me(sianzed): What do you want to drink?

Indian Woman(Shocked): er...100 Plus

Me: Walked over to buy her a drink

Me took out some coins while the took her drink......

Indian Woman: Can give me $0.50 a not?

Me (WTF expression) : I gave you a drink already and you still want $0.50?!

Indian Woman: (Walks away immediately)(note: no thank you was said at all...)

Satay Uncle: You should have ignored her.
Maybe I shouldn't have gave her the drink but I was annoyed by her and I just want to drink my tea in peace so I just felt that I should do something to make her vanish.

Anyway, such a person sure says a lot about Singapore... where's the Courtesy Campaign? What has came out of it? Or perhaps it speaks of something greater?

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Fong Yee said...

I bet its the same indian woman who asked Edison for money at Hougang Mall. Haha