Friday, June 16, 2006

The New Controller

A new website set up by the Straits Times, STOMPcast, was launched today. The editor calls it a place for "Citizen Journalism" and want people to share their videos and opinions.

Let me give an extremely negative view of STOMPcast.

- Being launched by the Straits Times, as such, Singapore Press Holdings, with its need for Government Stability, will not get too critical but instead, may tone down some sensitive issues.

- In the Star Blog, the guests consists of: Xiaxue (or some detractors prefer to call Xiaxuay), Nick Fang, May and Choy, Dawn Yang (Dawn Yeo), Ju-Len and Kuay Teow Man. I do not read much blogs, save for those in current affairs, but my opinion is that these people are not into current affairs and thus may not give a solid argument.

I dont have a good impression of STOMPcast. (Because I am negative towards propanganda) But still, wish it all the best. Afterall it is a Singapore production.

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