Friday, June 02, 2006

Media/ Minister Reactions to PNPP 1 May

This was the news taken from Lianhe Wanbao (联合晚报) - Page 6

praised by Minister (<肉脞面>被部长称赞)

BUT, directly below the headline was these bunch of words

‘这是“经典之作”,有幽默感是好事,但更重要的是我们必须记得,选着国家领导人是严肃的课题,大选肯定不是开玩笑。。。。 - 李文献部长 ,

which roughly translates to,

' This is a "Classic", while being humorous is a good thing, Singaporeans must remember choosing the government is a major issue, and the General Elections is definitely not a joking matter.... - Minister Lee Boon Yang"

AND, beside the headlines was this irritating line:“大选期间,嘲笑政府”。; "Ridiculing the government during the elections" I would like to state that

1. PAP is not the government during the 9 day elections. Parliament was already dissolved.

2. In no way did the podcast mentioned the names of the people involved. So how can you even use the word ridicule?!

The majority of Singaporeans finally get to "see" this podcast. But this article could had been published much earlier. PNPP 1May getting up on our Media shows some important things happening in our media:

1. Our Media is opening up

2. But they still take the cue from the minister

3. Which shows that they cannot create news content from nothing, unlike foreign media

4. Our media prefers to play safe (which is understandable......) hum4 ji4 one lah

About the PAP

1. To receive this only in these few days, I must say that you lag far behind the Oppositions in the Internet news. I passed by Mr Goh Meng Seng's shop 2 or 3 days after the elections and made some small talk, and he also knew about the Bar Chor Mee liao.

2. If you knew that this was circulating in the net during the elections when you all bombed Gomez on a tri-daily basis, and creating bad karma, would you still continue with the barrage?

I believe the major political blogs/ journals have a better report on this.


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