Sunday, May 28, 2006

Widening Incoming Gap

Found this on LittleSpeck. Thought it is a readworthy material, so click here for the article. (Remember to read the last few paragraphs)

The Straits Times also featured a 8-page special report on Saturday 27 May about Singapore's poor. Although I'm glad that the newspaper hightlighted this issue, I also wonder what might happen if this report was published before the 2006 General Elections.

Singapore's poor - whose total size were never really revealed (or people never bothered to check...) comprises of 116, 300 families; 465, 200 if the average family size is 4; 12.6% of households in Singapore. These households earn less than S$1,000 per month. And our ministers? Holding top Jobs commanding million dollar salaries per year. The income disparity is too great! And the justification for the salaries is not convincing at all. Though there's nothing that can be changed now, I do hope that future minister's salaries can be pegged to a median, much like what redbean suggested in his blog/ forum, and bonus shall be linked to the economy's performance.

Anyway, I just want to tell the ruling party, if this problem is not solved, it can bring in more serious problems in future.

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