Friday, May 12, 2006

We need reasons to learn Chinese!!!

Friday, May 12, 2006.

Straits Times, Page 1 – China’s Rise “will renew” interest in Chinese here

As I read this article, my anger increased steadily by the minute. The Minister Mentor has said that Singaporeans will learn Chinese so as to catch the benefits of China’s rise. I feel that this is wrong.

As Chinese, all of us should take pride in our language and culture. Why has Singapore Chinese degenerated to such a state, where we need to learn Chinese solely for business benefits?

I feel that the several factors that made Singapore Chinese to this state are:

  1. Converting of Chinese schools to English - First schools
    1. Destroys the Chinese based learning methods
    2. Makes the preservation of Chinese culture harder
  2. Banning of Dialects as “Official Language”
    1. Breaks Chinese culture of several dialects
  3. Speak English campaigns
    1. Meant to raise the standards of citizens’ English, it also reduced people’s need to converse in Chinese
  4. Parents who gave their children a English only environment
    1. Reduced Chinese ability of the next generation
    2. Loss of culture in the next generation
    3. Next generation will have no Chinese value to bond to
  5. A common perception that “Westerners are the best”
    1. People will discard their old values to blindly pursue these new “values”

To preserve our remaining culture, I strongly urge people to:

  1. Celebrate festivals (Of course, you must know the meaning behind it, but if not, its also a good way of gathering people together)
  2. Take pride in the Chinese Language and Culture
  3. Chinese Associations should organise more programmes to spread culture
  4. Parents should stop idolising the West

Written by an ignorant Singaporean who does not check around the neighbourhood for latest news. View expressed are of his own and does not reflect the actual situation on the ground. Please inform me if any errors were made.

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