Sunday, May 07, 2006

Utter Disappointment

I express my disgust and utter disappointment as the PAP returns to power smoothly with a strong mandate of an estimated average 65% of the votes.

The Worker's Party managed to retain Hougang, where it gathered 62% of the votes, visibly up from the last General Elections. It also performed fairly well in the other places that it contested, getting at least 30% of the votes. The much touted "suicide six" also managed to get 33.87% of the votes. This was considered good for a battle against the Mr Lee Hsien Loong, who was a Prime Minister for the last few years and will be reelected.

The greatest disappointment, was the results of the Aljunied GRC. The PAP team led by George Yeo managed to get 56.08% of the votes. Worker's Party, led by Party Chairman Sylvia Lim, only managed 43.92%, or 58,585 votes. I am agast by the result and as I sit here writing this, I am pondering over why did the votes turn out this way.

Even though Mr Low Thia Kiang said not to be sad or blame anyone for any possible defeats (Friday Rally), I still have my own opinion and will try to explain why the Worker's Party lost.

1. James Gomez incident.

This incident, while being a mere joke in the blogosphere and internet, with the whole incident being famous in Mr Brown's show as the PNPP Show 6: Tekua incident, was a MAJOR contributor to the 10% of the swing votes to PAP, in my honest opinion.

As you can see from my earlier post, The Gomez Saga, PAP spent much of the 9-day election campaigning on Mr Gomez "forgetting to hand in" the minority election candidate form. The media gave the incident full coverage and the election rallies of the opposition were sidelined.

I now quote from Yawning Bread. "The PAP has said this was a lie. Such a possibly slanderous accusation was made by both Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng and Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew on 2 May 2006. They and other PAP leaders have accused Gomez of a ruse. They said Gomez had planned all along not to submit the form, but to accuse the Elections Department of misplacing it. His intention, the PAP said, was to make a public allegation of bias in the government's conduct of the elections.

The PAP leaders have called on the Worker's Party leaders to withdraw Gomez as a candidate. Not succeeding in this, the PAP has begun to accuse the Low Thia Khiang, the Worker's Party chief, of keeping people of suspect integrity in his camp."

2. "Time Bomb effect"
The Worker's Party, having launched its 52 page Manifesto in January, were savagely attacked by the People's Action Party on the pretext that the 4 Time Bombs will destabilise the country. The press feed on to the PAP's press statements and day after day, gave negative outlooks. The Worker's Party had nary a chance on the press to rebut the reports.

When the election campaign finally started, the manifesto was completely untouched by the PAP, instead our target now is Mr Gomez.

3. Conservative Media
Singapore's Media, being conservative by nature, actually i wanted to say tamed, has always chosen to passively support the Main Party that forms the Government, as the Media's role is to inform the public of choices but also to support the Government for stability. This is not wrong. but our media is overboard on support, IMHO

I guess this is the main reasons why they lost......Damn it!!! I am very sad u_u

The above is written by a Singaporean. Views expressed are his own opinion and does not reflect the views of 99.99% of Singaporeans. Any errors made in this post is incidental. Please do not hesitate to inform me of possible discrepancies.


Yi Long said...

^^ Look on the bright side all the opposition votes where more than last year. Even AMK lol of 30++%.

I found 1 think funny yesterday the live media only interview all the PAP even went the lose, wat a joke.

Anonymous said...

To be exact, PAP won by 66.6% of the total valid votes =)