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The Gomez Saga

Sunday 30 April 2006 Started at 11.51pm moments before May Day

As I sat down on this computer to digest today's barrage of media and propaganda, one thing keeps repeating in my mind. That is, James Gomez.

The incident happened about a week ago, but even now, news reports fervently report every scene and the likes. Extracted below is a Sunday Times recount of the whole event.

The Saga so far

Series of events in the Mystery if the Missing Form that involves Worker's Party candidate James Gomez:

Monday, April 24: Mr Gomez visits the Elections Department (ED) with party chairman Sylvia Lim. He asks the official at the counter for a minority certificate application form, which is needed for contests in GRCs where at least one candidate must be of a minority race.
Wednesday, April 26, 9.30am: Mr Gomez returns to the ED to collect his minority certificate but is told the department did not receive the application form. He insists he had filled up the form on the spot and returned it to the official on Monday. He asks the official to check again.
Wednesday, April 26, 1pm: Mr Gomez received a call from an ED official telling him that its security camera footage showed he had filled up the form at the counter, but instead of handing it in, he slipped it into an envelope and put it in his bag. He tells the caller he would “just go back and check his bag.”
Thursday, April 27: When asked about the form by The Straits Times, Mr Gomez says he does not want to discuss any “election adminstration” over the media. The ED informs the media about the security camera footage.
Friday, April 28: At a press conference, the ED elaborates on what happened at the office and during the phone call to Mr Gomez. A transcript and audio clip of the phone call and the footage are given to the media. At an election rally, Foreign Minister George Yeo, who is leading the PAP team in Aljunied GRC against the WP, said the opposition party should give Singaporeans the “full story” of what happened.
Saturday,April 28: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng support Mr Yeo's call, urging Mr Gomez to “come clean” and tell Singaporeans whether it was a mistake or not.
Later at a WP rally in the evening, Mr Gomez admitted his mistake and apologised to the Elections Department.

(Reproduced in its entirety, including possible grammatical mistakes and Titles.)

Important points:

  1. Later in the day, the PAP keep lambasting James Gomez about his character and commitment. It might have been just an error, though its his second brush with election forms.

  2. It has been a full day since Saturday (When he apologized), why is the media focusing solely on him? Aren't there much better issues to focus on?!

  3. What gives the Elections Department to call the media and expose his moment of error?

  4. For goodness sake, Mr Lee, Mr Wong, Mr Yeo and all cabinet members of the former government are now currently candidates, merely candidates. Giving them their title when they have not yet won their seats is wrong and assumes that they will win.

With this, I can assure Singaporeans and Non-Singaporeans alike, that Singapore will have an election campaign that does not focus on Strategic, or even Tactical issues. We here only discuss about trivial issues like how a member forgot to hand in the form.

As before, the mighty Li Ao (of Taiwan) is spot on in commenting that Singaporeans are STUPID.

Written by a Singaporean. The above ideas expressed is solely if his own opinion and does not reflect the opinions of 99.99% of Singaporeans.

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