Sunday, April 30, 2006

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu Ep 2

Kyon is a guy who believes in aliens, time travellers, ghosts, demons, espers or evil organisations or comic books who battle them...through he knows all these doesn't exist.
Today is the day he went to high school. During the class introduction, Suzumiya Haruhi gave a shocking intro, saying that she's interested only in aliens, time travellers, ghosts, demons, espers or the likes of them.

Opening theme: Bokuen deshou deshou?

I like this song. Sung by Hirano Aya (Voices Suzumiya Haruhi. I prefer putting their surname before their name), the song is very lively and pleasing to the ears. ^^ The lyrics are rather easy to memorise also. The animation for the song is also very well rendered.

Apparently Haruhi is an oddball who does funny things in middle. As said by Taniguchi (classmate), she drew some huge pictograph in the school, drew stars on the roof of the school and stuck some talisman around her middle school. Kyon, however, wasn't listening, as he found Suzumiya Haruhi at the roof of the school throwing a ball at the dome of the school...

Also, she always rejected all her dates. The longest lasted a week and the shortest 5 minutes.

Seems like she has some funny traits too.

1. Her hair changes everyday in color and the number of plaits.

2. She regards men as potatoes, changing her clothes while the guys are still inside the classroom.(Though i dont mind that ^^)

3. She temorarily joined a lot of clubs, but in the she joined none. On a wednesday morning, Kyon decided to talk to Haruhi... He asked about her hair. She explained that colour-wise, Monday (Moon) = Yellow, Tuesday (Fire) = red, Wednesday (Water) = blue, Thursday (Wood) = green, Friday (Gold) = gold, Saturday (Earth) = light brown, Sunday (Sun) = white. As for the number of plaits, Monday = 0 and Sunday = 6. However, she cut her hair immediate after Kyon pointed it out.

After that, conversing with Haruhi became one of Kyon's daily event...His friends are surprised to see Haruhi talking. Soon, the class decided to change seats, by drawing lots. Kyon got a seat near the window. And Haruhi sat behind him, again... One day, Kyon was asking Haruhi about the clubs that she joined the the criteria she used. (She didn't join any in the end) Later, Kyon said that people invented things because someone wants something. And only a few person is capable of doing such a thing. In other words, geniuses made everything possible. This was greeted by a visibly angry Haruhi.

Later in their lesson, Haruhi suddenly pulled Kyon's chair and slam his head on the table. An angry Kyon stood up and asked her what happened. She wants to form a club!! (nice pic...mmm) Haruhi found a clubroom not long later. Its the old room for the literature club. The only remaining member, Nagato Yuki, doesn't seem to mind their presence. So, it became their clubroom...
Next day after school, Haruhi asked Kyon to go ahead while she go get someone. In a few monents, Haruhi returned with a cute girl called Asahina Mikuru.

Haruhi explained that in any show, moe elements are inportant. And look! Haruhi asked Mikuru to quit her current club. Surpirsingly, after Mikuru looked at Yuki, she agreed. And now, the club finally has a name! SOS-dan!

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