Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ergo Proxy - 01

Ergo Proxy is a very interesting anime. My first impression of it wasn't very good, but as the story goes on it bits of plot is slowly revealed to the viewer, and I got hooked on to it. I won't describe the story in great detail as my command of English isn't that great and moreover, don't want to spoil your viewing experiences too much. ^^
An unknown creature awakens from a long sleep...Strange events are happening in town... robots(known as Autoraves) are malfunctioning...
A strange claw print...
The scene changes to an Autorave driving a car, and he is talking to someone about the recent increase in Autorave Malfunctions due to the Cogito Virus.

Our main character - Real Mayer. Apparently, she's bored and stops Iggy (the previous Autorave) from chattering non-stop to her. As the car drives down the highway, she commented: "What a boring Utopia"During a routine search, the monster jumped onto her.She sensed the monster and managed to dodged the attack. (Side note - she's chio right? ^^)
Apparently, the statues can Talk! We now know that the monster's name is Proxy. But why is he kept asleep until now?As Real is inpsecting the imprint left behind by the monster, Iggy warns her that touching that is a voliation of the laws in this world. Talk about being controlled...
After along day, Real reaches home and prepares for a bath. But as she was about to bath,on the mirror, the words "Awakening" appeared written in blood...and a monster appeared infront of her.
Proxy appears and the two monsters fight each other. Real sits there in shock and probably fainted.

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